Projekt Lazarus Malta is a medieval living group founded on the year of our lord the 29th of August 2015, after several years of experience from the founding member the Chevalier Anthony Galea C.M.L.J  K.L.J  in re-enactments, apart from a living history group we are the 6th commandery of the Hospitaller Order Knights of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem within the Grand Priory of Malta.

Projekt Lazarus is an international project that seeks to reconstuct as faithfully as possible combat units and the daily life of the Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem during the Crusades in the Holy Land, by means of such Lazarite re-enactments, the members of the Commandery teach and explain to both students and the general public alike the virtues of medieval chivalry, the history of the medieval Order of St.Lazarus and the history of the middle ages in general. Apart from having fun with our re-enactment sessions by living and educating the general public with our displays on medieval life, our main target is to be of help to those less fortunate, so we are going to share an interactive experience by living the medieval life and aiding others, and do charity and fund raising events.

We are equipped for medieval banqueting with our Medieval Tavern, our group delves in other aspects of medieval life like sword fighting, archery, horse riding, a qualified barber surgeon, stone sculptor, falconers with their birds of prey, an icon painter and book binding, an Alchemist, a herbologist, life size siege engines among many others

Each and every member will be given a specific task during the events which will guide the public eye through this dark and mysterious age. We have also a particular stand with a considerevable ammount of weapons used in the times, an executioner section, with some torture instruments used for the trade. The daily village life activities, along with arts and crafts, and even our children will be delighted to show and explain some of the most popular games played at the time.

Ambientazione: Crociate Milizia Maltese XV sec. (in cantiere)

Numero medio di partecipanti:  da 05  a 30

Descrizione delle attività :

  • Combattimento con spada (non sempre coreografico)

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